May 25-26-27, 2017

Doors open:

European World of Bluegrass Festival

May 25 - 26 - 27, 2017 Voorthuizen, The Netherlands
"Maybe world peace
can start with a banjo intro."
- Liz Meyer


The EWOB festival has developed into the wonderful event it currently is, also thanks to the help of all our volunteers who, with joy and relentless effort, make the audience and bands feel at home.
Our volunteers are scheduled in shifts of 2 hour. A volunteer can do more than one shift, as long as these do not conflict with each other in terms of time. Volunteers can choose to perform the following tasks:

- Musical instrument storage
Visitors and musicians can leave their instruments in a secure room. The owner of the instrument receives a ticket with a number, while the same number is attached to the instrument case. When the owner can show the correct number, he/she can collect the instrument whenever he/she wishes.

- Cash register
Tickets are sold during the three days of the festival to all who wish to enter the festival or reside at the EWOB campsite.

- Entry check
Every visitor must have a wrist band in the correct color to enter the venue. At the entrance the color and wristband are checked.

- Campsite
In the grounds next to the festival-hall there is a dedicated space for campers and tents for volunteers, musicians and visitors. All day long there will be volunteers at the camp-site to safeguard the safety and to answer any questions.

- Sales Booth

To raise some extra funds for our organization there is a special sales booth where itemse sold to support EWOB, such as T-Shirts, CD’s, raffle tickets,etc. This stand is located next to the entrance, and is also used as an info desk for all visitors and musicians.

- Administration

All bands report to administration. There all paper work is taken care of and wrist bands and further information are given to bands. The administration also ensures correct payment of expenses to each band.

- Hall Monitor

The Hall Monitor is located in the festival hall and looks after the safety in this area. .

Volunteer benefits
Volunteers that assist during one or more shifts are entitled to the following benefits or reward for their assistance:

For each shift of 2 hour:
  • Free admission to the festival for the entire day of your two hour shift
  • Free coffee and tea during the day

  • Would you like to volunteer during EWOB?
    Please send a mail here and let us know
    when you will be available for a task of your choice.



    European World of Bluegrass 2017